3XN Number Puzzle

Fact sheet

Review guide

Please send an email to juha@play3xn.com and request yourself to be added to TestFlight testers if you wish to play the game before release.

Gameplay basics

  • Swipe numbers left or right to slide the numbers sideways
  • Tap numbers to match 3 or more same numbers, either on same row or column
  • LEVELS game mode has required matches on the top of the screen

Look for patterns. The image below shows a case where swiping the bottom 6 left will create a stack of three sixes.

This next case is bit more complicated as swiping the middle 5 left will also move the bottom 4 right.

There are many similar cases, but the same patterns repeat and you'll start to see them automatically after a while.

Some hints

  • One match removes all the matched numbers and gives only one higher number. Sometimes it's better to match 333 twice than 333333 once to get two new numbers instead of just one.
  • Matching rows and columns in one match is possible and often a good idea.
  • Think where you tap. The new number appears where you tapped. Use this to get numbers where they help the most.
  • The first row can be tricky as the left end doesn't move. Think before doing a match that changes the first row.
  • You can extinguish fire by matching, but sometimes the fire doesn't matter or can be good for creating gray tiles.
  • You can match gray tiles also.


The story behind the game

I am Juha välimäki, a 3D software development professional living in Finland. I have been working with mechanical engineering and other "serious" 3D use cases since late nineties. In 2014 I wanted to experiment with game engines, so I downloaded Unity. I immediately fell in love with it!

I started to sketch out and implement quick prototypes for all kinds of game ideas. It took me a month to find the basic idea for the game. After that I have been developing the game bit by bit while working full time on other things and raising a family.

One nice moment during the early development of the game happened when I gave the game to a business acquaintance. He was one of the first testers of the game and immediately played 3 hours non-stop! At that point I knew I was on to something.

The game has changed a lot during the years. Solving all playability and usability issues required some advanced head scratching, but I am quite happy with the game now. I really hope I'll get to develop more levels and otherwise fix the remaining minor issues, but there has to be enough interest to justify that. It's time for the worldwide launch!

I don't have funds to help the game fly. I'll simply throw it out of the nest and see where it will end up. It could be at the bottom of the TOP 10000 list or it could be something else. I have soft launched the game in Nordic countries and Philippines, so I know some people play hundreds of games and I have observed a very minor virality happening when someone introduced the game to their friends, but is that enough? I'll find that out on December 20th 2017 :-)

The best moment so far happened when I visited a large Finnish game company. One of their guys had seen the game on a game development forum and invited me to their office. They looked at me and asked where's the team... That moment alone has made the project worthwhile. No matter what happens next I am happy that I got this far with the game.